What Is Timeliness of Care & How Can You Make Your Practice More Efficient?

Time is a valuable resource, regardless of which industry you are in. Arriving promptly in the business sector is the difference between closing a deal or losing one. The same goes for an interview. In the healthcare industry, timeliness of care could mean the difference between life or death. The detection and diagnosis of a need, couple with appropriate care will result in a better outcome for the patient’s health.

Using patient portal software and other options, we are going to offer you advice on how to make your medical practice more efficient when it comes to time.


Before implementing any changes to your medical practice, it is recommended that you first critically analyze your practice. Look at the goals you have set against the service currently being offered. How can you be able to bring changes to the issue of timeliness?

In the analysis, check to see if there are any trends in your facility. If you offer a particular service more than others, you can tailor-make your workflow accordingly.


Not everyone can make it physically to the doctor’s office. It is not a secret that many people hold down two or more jobs. There is also the issue of children or distance to take into consideration. Does this mean that their needs should not be met? As an entrepreneur, this is a niche that you can comfortably meet. Dubbed ‘telemedicine’ or ‘telehealth’, you can be able to offer diagnosis and monitor a patient with thousands of miles between the two of you.

Patient scheduling software systems

As stated earlier, our patients have crazy schedules that can change at any time. This could be a week earlier or a day earlier to the set appointment. As a medical practice, you should have the capability of fast, easy communication between you and the patient.

Here is where the patient scheduling system comes into play. It allows the patient to cancel and possibly reschedule their appointment. It also sends reminders to confirm attendance, reducing the possibility of no-shows.  

As the name suggests, another benefit of scheduling software is the scheduling process. Medical practices have been using typical phone calls to set up appointments but this is outdated and requires manpower. You can set up a scheduling system that can reduce the costs for you and still serve you efficiently. Consider going this technological-savvy route and enjoy all the benefits that scheduling software has to offer.


With the recommended tips, your healthcare system should be more effective when handling patients. Within no time, a patient’s need will be served. You will be able to balance prompt service and high-value quality of care.

The effect of timeliness of care also trickles down to the mental and emotional. The shorter waiting time in the reception or lobby shows that you value their time. Treat a patient well and you will have a new, repeat long-term client.