The role of private investigators and commercial agents in law

Before moving on and discussing the roles and the responsibilities of private investigators and commercial agents, it is essential to know are private investigators legal in Australia and what they do. It is also necessary to know who exactly are the private investigators as well as the commercial agents.

Who is a private investigator?

Private investigators, by definition, look out for some evidence, or clues so that they might be presented before the court in private and court cases. A private investigator is basically someone who collects this evidence and all the facts using various interrogating and investigative techniques. These techniques may include interviewing people involved in the crime, finding people who are missing or gathering other essential facts for these cases. 

Who is a commercial agent in law?

A commercial agent in the vast field of law is someone who is legalized and authorized to represent another person, or even create legal relationships between other people or third parties. An agent is also legally bound to make business transactions on behalf of the person with all the other parties.

Roles & Responsibilities of Private Investigator

Now that we know basically who private investigators are, it is now imminent to find out about their roles and responsibilities. This will answer the question about precisely what these entities do, with respect to the field of law.

They are starting off with the private investigators. A typical private investigator does the following things.

Conducting important research

One of the private investigators’ core duties is to research anything and everything related to the case. This may involve looking at legal records, going through phone books, accessing information, or collecting data from online sources. Once the raw information and data are collected, the facts are collectively analyzed to solve the case.

Interviewing suspects

Interviewing is part and parcel of the investigative methods used by these investigators. Concerned people are interviewed to gather information. These people are usually directly or indirectly related to the ongoing case.

Conducting surveillance

Many times, these investigators are also responsible for conducting surveillance. This may involve secretly looking out for someone, following them, and ultimately reporting the findings back to the client who hired the investigator in the first place.

Roles & Responsibilities of a commercial agent

The commercial agent should primarily act in the interest of the company or party that hired him or her. Generally, a commercial agent is responsible for performing the following activities.

Negotiate sales

Since the agent represents the company, he/she should be able to negotiate sales with the third parties. The main aim of the commercial agent should be to maximize sales for the company or the firm, but the costs should be minimized.

Provide valuable information

The commercial agent should also inform the party regarding the market situation. This involves all statistical and marketing analysis of the third parties involved in the case. The agent should also help with all the commercial operations so that the company is ultimately responsible.

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