Is Fort Lauderdale Airport Parking Expensive?

Traveling has become a very crucial and vital part of our lives. Almost everything we do requires traveling. Whether it be for business purposes or solely for recreation and relaxation, there is no denying that traveling from one place to another has become common and frequent amongst people today. There are various modes through which people can travel, be it via car, bus, train, or airplane. Airplanes have become more and more popular simply because traveling by air is very fast, convenient and has also become relatively cheap in the past few decades. With the increase of passengers, the demand for parking spots near the airports increased as well. And now the question of cost arises. The extent to which airport parking might be costly really varies from one airport to the other, but usually, the rates are somewhat the same. For example, Fort Lauderdale Airport parking rates would be similar to that of J.F Kennedy Airport as long as the parking areas are similar.

Airport Parking

Before boarding the airplane and traveling by air, there are a few essential things that are needed to be taken into consideration. For instance, the mode of travel from the house to the airport is especially important. Usually, people use cabs or taxis or even ask their friends or relatives to drop them off at the airport. Others also take their own cars to the airport and park their car at the airport for the time interval they are away from the airport. Be it a day, a week, or even a month, and airport parking facilitates both short term and long term parking as long as the rules and regulations of the airport parking are respected and maintained by the users. 

Is Airport Parking Expensive

The question of whether or not airport parking is expensive really depends on a number of factors. The first and most important factor is the location of the airport. Like explained earlier, the parking fee may vary in one airport as compared to the other airport. Similarly, the parking fee may also vary in accordance with the number of facilities that are being provided at the airport. For instance, some parking spaces may be more significant and spacious than others. Similarly, some parking areas may have 24/7 surveillance services that usually include a separate parking space, security cameras as well as surveillance personnel. In such a scenario, the rates of the parking would naturally go up.

Long Term & Short Term Parking Rates

Lastly, the parking rates are also dependent upon the time of parking. Parking rates are usually divided into two different categories in almost all airports. The first category is of short term parking whilst the second category is long term parking. As the name suggests, short term parking usually caters to all those customers that park their cars for a relatively temporary and shorter period of time. This time period usually varies from 10 minutes all the way up to 3 hours. For short term parking, the rate of parking is in accordance with an interval of every 15 minutes. This means that the parking fee is usually charged every 15 minutes. Usually, the airport parking for short term customers is $2 – $4 per 15 minutes. This can sometimes turn out to be reasonably costly if a person spends more than an hour using the short term parking. The other and final category is long term parking. Long term parking rates usually vary in accordance with the extent of time. The rate may be according to 24 hours or even weekly. Usually, the fare for parking a car for 24 hour period varies between $20 – $30. Hence, parking a car for a more extended period of time using the long term parking method can prove to be relatively inexpensive.