How to Secure Your Instagram Account to Avoid Getting Hacked

Getting your Instagram account hacked can be a serious problem, especially if your business and income depended on it. The possibility of losing all your data or getting it fallen in the wrong hands is very much a possibility. Getting your account back is a slow and difficult process, and there is a chance that the hackers have misused your content, driving away your loyal, well-earned followers.

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This article will share tips on how to avoid getting your Instagram account hacked, the following list is a must-do for all users. 

Use Strong Passwords

Having a strong password greatly reduces the chances of your account getting hacked. It is advised to make a unique password not associated with any other account on any other platform.

You can also use services of a third-party auto password generating app; however, their integrity should be ensured before relying on them. 

Use Two-Factor Authentication

It is good practice to use this feature, as it greatly reduces the chances of hackers getting access to your account, even if they figure out your password.

How it works is that you associate your phone number or WhatsApp with your Instagram account, in this way whenever your account gets logged in from an unrecognized device it will send a code to the phone number and will prompt you to enter that code in the app to access your Instagram account. 

Ignore and Report Messages and DM’s Requesting Sensitive Information

Instagram mentions that they never message you, requesting you to share your details with them. All such messages are scams and should not be interacted with in any way. It is best if you report these accounts to Instagram so that they do not pose a threat to someone else’s account.

Use Third-Party Apps with Caution

Instagram allows access to third-party apps, such as editing apps, games to access your data. This is a potential security breach for your account. These apps should only be used if they are secure and are well known.

It is also important to remove these apps’ access from your Instagram app when you are done using them. This can be done within the app. Go to settings and under the security section navigate to apps and websites. From here, you can add and remove access to third-party software from your Instagram account. 

Secure Your Email Account

Your Instagram account is directly associated with your email. Ensure a strong password and set up two-factor authentication on the email account as well to secure your account even further.

Any breach in the email account’s security will directly affect your Instagram account as well. 

All these tips significantly secure your Instagram account against hacker attacks and ensure your data remains safe within the app at all times.