How to Protect Your Instagram Account?

It will not be wrong to say that Instagram has become one of the most important and most used social media applications recently. Originally Instagram was only meant to facilitate its users in sharing content and engaging with their friends online. However, now it has evolved into a potent and useful tool for marketing and advertising. Since it is such an essential and pivotal part of a brand’s marketing aspect, it is essential to protect the account. There are many different ways to protect an Instagram account and ensure it remains safe and secure. Some of these ways are described in detail in the following link:, while others are mentioned in this article below.

Have a strong password

Before we move onto the technicalities regarding Instagram accounts in specific, it is essential to get the basics right. First and foremost, it is imperative to have a username and password that is easy to remember and hard to decode by someone else. It is better if, for once, we move away from using our same old password, and also, it is better to avoid using birth dates and other significant dates in the password. Having a password containing all kinds of symbols, uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and numbers is the way to go when it comes to having a strong password.

Use Instagram’s recovery process

This is one of the new features on Instagram that enables better security for the accounts. This allows you to get back your account in case it is hacked by someone else. In case the account’s password has been changed by someone else, you will now always have the option of recovering it. It is the working principle. It is relatively simple to follow. You can start by tapping on the “My login info is not working” button. This will enable an option where you will have to enter your email ID linked with your account. Next, Instagram will send a secured six-digit code to the email ID provided, and once that is done, you will get your account back. However, this is not all that Instagram has done. After successful reclamation of the account, Instagram also takes additional measures to counter any future threats of your account getting hacked by someone else.

Revoke access to suspicious third-party applications

Another option that is provided by Instagram is revoking access to suspicious third-party applications. This is a guideline that indicates that any websites or online applications that do not follow Instagram guidelines are not allowed. In case such applications are used deliberately or unconsciously by the users, their account is likely to be blocked and blacklisted permanently. You can get access to the options of applications that have access to your account’s information. For this, you have to go to the settings and click on the “authorized apps” option. If you notice anything strange in this window, you always have the option of revoking the application and minimize any risks of getting your account hacked.