Eva is officially Launching its services in Montreal

Uber entirely changed the way carpooling services operated their businesses throughout the world. In fact, after its astounding success, many firms and startups tried to replicate their business model throughout the world. Some were incredibly successful while others did not fare so well. Now Uber competitor Eva launches in Montreal, Canada.

Eva, a Montreal-based ride-sharing service, recently started its operations. This cooperative labels itself as a socially responsible alternative to their rival Uber. They officially began operations after a three-week test and trial period.

This business also starts via a fully integrated mobile application just like Uber. So far, over 6000 to 7000 mobile users have downloaded the Eva application and have also created an active account. With the introduction of Eva, there is a certain increase in the number of transport options available to the local residents in Montreal.        

Also, via this application, the drivers will get a greater share of the fare as they would be driving an Uber. Not only this, but the drivers would have a much greater say in how the operations would run in the future. The other unique thing about the application is that the payment would be based on the blockchain technology. This means that Eva would never store any personal data of the drivers and the users and would also never sell it to any third party.

Eva, as of now, plans to train many employees and riders during the next few months. This local expansion project will benefit not only the local residents but also will create healthy competition amongst such firms. The project will look to meet the expected surge in demand for such ride-sharing options.

Eva’s financial partners will help in this expansion project to make sure that the demand is met and the company’s operations run more smoothly. The financial partners include Progitech, an information technology company, as well as Caisse d’economie solidaire, a unit of Canada’s biggest credit union, Mouvement Desjardins.

Unlike their competitors Uber, Eva is not seeking to convert the business into a profit as of now. Also, both the drivers as well as riders can become official members and therefore vote for things in annual meetings.

The CEO of Eva believes that the introduction of Eva will bring a very healthy competition for the application based transportation service in Quebec. The best thing about this is that the cooperative nature will appeal to a wider audience and therefore will mean that more and more people download the application and ultimately use this service.

As of now, the service is only operational in the area of Montreal. However, the management team looks to expand operations further to the city of Quebec and Gatineau. If this pans out well, the application based service might even expand to other parts of the world. This all depends upon the market environment as well as the competitors and the demand of such services across the globe.