What the Pandemic Can Teach Us About

Every great shock produces different consequences, depending on humanity’s reaction: fear, denial, or adaptation. The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has conditioned both the interconnectedness of the modern world and its unpreparedness for this crisis. Even the wealthiest countries have responded to a societal and economic “shutdown” unprecedented in human history. And if we manage to overcome this pandemic completely, it does not mean that we will be able to avoid outbreaks of other diseases in the future. Therefore, it is important to systematize the knowledge and experience gained to enter the new post-pandemic world successfully.… Read more “What the Pandemic Can Teach Us About”

What Is the Effect of Glycemic Index on Body Weight?

When your glycogen stores run low because you haven’t eaten in a while, your liver produces glucose as an alternative source of energy. This process releases insulin, and when there isn’t enough insulin produced relative to how much stored glucose exists, your muscles don’t get their signals from insulin to take up glucose from the bloodstream – they remain starved for this vital nutrient until you eat something with carbs. Ketosis – The state where your body burns fat instead of muscle tissue. It’s called “burning” fat rather than burning calories because, at any given time, we have two types of energy sources: fat and carbohydrates. If you’re not using them both efficiently, you’ll end up storing more fat! To be in a state of ketosis, you need to keep carbohydrate intake very low and increase fats consumption. A ketogenic diet plan will also help reduce hunger naturally. You may start feeling less hungry due to the high-fat content in… Read more “What Is the Effect of Glycemic Index on Body Weight?”

What Is Timeliness of Care & How Can You Make Your Practice More Efficient?

Time is a valuable resource, regardless of which industry you are in. Arriving promptly in the business sector is the difference between closing a deal or losing one. The same goes for an interview. In the healthcare industry, timeliness of care could mean the difference between life or death. The detection and diagnosis of a need, couple with appropriate care will result in a better outcome for the patient’s health. Using patient portal software and other options, we are going to offer you advice on how to make your medical practice more efficient when it comes to time. Analysis… Read more “What Is Timeliness of Care & How Can You Make Your Practice More Efficient?”